Rent a new boat in Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Port Charlotte Florida

Rent a new boat in Cape Coral

You don’t need to own a boat to fully experience the picturesque waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Whether you want to fish, soak up the sunshine or cruise down the coastal waterways, you’ll find exactly what you need with a boat rental from The Boat House.

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Our fleet consists of new boats that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s right: our boats are replaced each and every year, providing our customer’s Cape Coral’s premier rental boats. This is possible thanks to The Boat House being one of the nation’s top boat dealers with 6 locations in the US.

Our Fleet consists of all new Hurricane Deck Boats powered by Suzuki Outboards.

****   NOTICE   ****

June 10th  thru  July 15th

Effective June 10th the Lee County DOT will be working on the canal waterway channel under the Del Prado Blvd. over pass bridge.  We will be experiencing some delays in getting our rental boats thru this work zone.  The Lee County DOT will only allow passage thru this bridge area at the top of each hour.  All of our rentals will be scheduled on a first come first available basis for a 9:00 am & 10:00 am departures.  It will be crucial that our renters be at our facility, signed in with all paperwork completed, checked out on the rental boat and ready to leave our dock 5-10 minutes prior to the top of the hour.

When returning to our facility it will be the responsibility of each renter to be back at this bridge crossing 5-10 minutes prior to their scheduled return time (4:00 pm for a full day rental ) to gain access thru the bridge area.  If you miss this time frame the DOT will close the access and you will have to wait till 5:00 pm to get back thru and you will incur late charges as part of your rental.  Please plan and schedule your day accordingly to prevent any unnecessary delays at this bridge area.

We apologize for any delays and inconveniences.  We will be offering discounts for those customers that are assigned the 10:00 departure times.  Please call for details or any questions.  Thank you.


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