• What are the requirements to rent a boat?
      At The Boat House, we require that the operator is 21 years of age or older with a valid drivers license from their country of residence. The operator must also have a valid credit card to use or put on file for the boat rental.


    • Are the boats equipped with safety gear?
      Our boats are equipped with all necessary Coast Guard safety equipment. This include life vests for both adults and children, throw cushions, dock lines and fenders, first aid kits, etc.


    • How do I navigate the local waters?
      Our boats all come equipped with a GPS unit with electronic maps of the area. Also, we provide a hard copy map with cruising boundaries and local restaurants.
    • Can I pay by credit card?

      Yes, we accept American Express,  Master Card, & Visa.

    • Do you offer insurance?

No we do not offer our guests the ability to purchase insurance.

    • Is there a deposit?


      Yes there is a $150.00 deposit that is applied to your rental upon check-in.

  • What happens if I run into an issue?
    With our fleet of new boats, very rarely do our customers run into any sort of issue. For peace of mind however, each boat comes standard with access to Tow Boat US services if needed. Tow Boat US is available 24 hours a day and has numerous boats on the water to assist you if the quickest way possible whether you need soft ungrounding or fuel delivery out on the water.

Have questions that weren’t answered here? Give us a call: 239-541-7151, we’d love to help.