Our Crew

Meet our friendly crew of The Boat House Rental Department

Sky Guerrero

Sky joined our crew back on 9/16/2019.  Sky has a background in the boat rental industry and has a fantastic knowledge of the boating area.  She can help plan your day with a number of different destination possibilities or recommendations.  Give Sky a call today or stop by the office and she will be happy to assist you in setting up your next reservation.

Brian (002) A

Brian Salyer

A crew member here at The Boat House since 3/20/2017.  Brian is our Lead Fork Lift Operator and Facilities Supervisor.  He has a long history in the Marine industry as well as operating fork lifts, travel lifts and large equipment.  Brian welcomes the opportunity to assist you in all of your boating needs.

Toby3 (002) B

Toby Ramirez

Toby has been a part of The Boat House crew since 8/4/2017.  Toby is one of our Lift Operators and takes a great deal of pride in handling all of our customers boats very carefully when moving them to the water and back from the water.  Toby is our main Lift Operator for the weekends and also on staff three days during the week.

Steve Leprevost

Steve joined our team back on 11/25/2019.  Steve is also one of our Lift Operators.  Steve has a vast level of experience in moving boats and takes all of the necessary precautions to move boats safely and with out incident.  Steve works week days and can be found either on the lift or down on our docks assisting customer in and out of our facility.

Mark Caglioti

Mark is the newest member of our team.  You will find Mark helping out our customers down on the dock as our Dockhand as well as spotting the boat movements as an extra set of hands and eyes for our lift drivers.  Mark has experience operating boats and has been around the water and boating for sometime now.

Robert (002) A

Robert Buntin

Robert joined our crew on 11/9/2018.  Robert is our part time Dockhand and can be found out on the docks assisting our customers on the weekends.  Robert also comes in a day or two after school to assist in facility maintenance and spotting for one of our Lift Operators.  Recently Robert has been assisting our Rental Boat Department inside our office.  Stop by and schedule a rental with Robert.

Our primary goal here at The Boat House Rental Department is to ensure that you have a memorable, fun and safe day out on our local waters.  We strive to provide the best customer service level and our daily goal is 100% satisfied.  If you would like to leave a note or comment about one of our staff members please feel free to reach out to johns@boathouseh2o.com .